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VTT 2021+ BMW M3/M4 Carbon Fiber Intake Kit

VTT 2021+ BMW M3/M4 Carbon Fiber Intake Kit

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VTT is proud to announce the first of our upcoming carbon fiber product line. The BMW S58 G8X M3/4 Carbon fiber intakes! BMW did a wonderful job designing these intakes and we have found they are only slightly restrictive at elevated power levels, mostly due to the secondary filter inside, and the factory paper filter. Beware of companies selling expensive intake systems, or cone set up, with a single dyno comparison claiming big gains. The factory setup is EXTREMELY efficient with only a couple of small changes. With this in mind, we decided to just take their cues, and make factory-style carbon fiber intake tops with no secondary filters, and high flow cotton pre-oiled filters. These are 8 layers of 100% carbon not a single layer wrapped over plastic and they are 1.3MM thick with our logo vacuum printed onto the tops, with a UV resistant gloss clear coating. This is not only strong but will resist discoloration for an extended period of time. The filters themselves are made with a heat-resistant silicone base, a high-flowing cotton weave element with a pre-oiled design to catch contaminates but allow free flow.


  • 50 States Emissions Legal
  • Easy to install 15-30 minutes even for a novice
  • Beautiful Carbon Fiber finish really adds class to the S58 engine bay
  • Filters can be cleaned forever meaning never buy new filters
  • Up to 13WHP gains
  • Completely reversible if you ever want to remove

Fitment: 2021+ BMW

  • G80 M3
  • G82 M4
  • G83 M4 Convertible
So the question is did they make any power?? They in fact did! One our shop M3 using the VTT Carbon fiber tops, and the VTT Pre-Oiled Reusable filters together we saw an average gain of 13.26 WHP taken across 3 runs each. None of this we did 1 run each, and are claiming big gains nonsense.

We did 7 full runs. The first 3 with Stock lids, and Factory Filters. We ran these back to back in 5th gear, and you can see heat soak is present on runs 2-3. After the first 3 runs, we let the car cool down, left the stock filters in place, and swapped on the VTT Carbon Lids. We ran that once just for curiosity’s sake. The car indeed picked up power even with the stock filters. We then let the car cool down again as we swapped the VTT Filters in. We then ran 3 times back to back, again heat soak is present on the 2nd-3rd run. As you can see the temps were rising as were swapping parts around, and even with a 4 degree higher temp difference for the later runs they still picked up an average of over 13WHP. You are ALWAYS going to see the most power after a cool down which is why we run it 3 times each.

Run 1 Stock intake lids with Factory Filters 730.18WHP/638.56WTQ
Run 2 Stock Intake lids with Factory Filters 724.50WHP/644.75WTQ
Run 3 Stock intake lids with Factory Filters 725.35WHp/638.51WTQ
Run 4 VTT Carbon lids with factory filters 735.51WHP/657.63WTQ
Run 5 VTT Carbon Lids with VTT Filters 743.81WHP/657.64WTQ
Run 6 VTT Carbon Lids with VTT Filters 741.74WHP/645.85WTQ
Run 7 VTT Carbon Lids with VTT Filters 734.24WHP/642.42WTQ

Average of Runs 1-3  726.67WHP

Average of Runs 5-7 739.93WHP

Net Increase 13.26WHP

Please note: these tests were ALL done with our GC silicone intake system on the car, but we are simply focused on the delta. Everything remained exactly the same except the filters and lids